Intuitive and Graphical Interface

Enjoy setting up intelligent campaigns with a highly intuitive, feature-rich and graphically appealing UI in the Campaign Journey Builder. Set rules and create complex campaigns in minutes.

A/B Testing

Design campaigns that perform better. Optimize your campaigns on the go, with random split-testing and multivariate testing. And what's more..don't stop at A/B testing the subject lines alone, A/B test the entire campaign journey itself. Multi branch the campaign journey flow and test it across multiple control groups to achieve maximum ROI.

Contextual Engagement

Take the guesswork out of relevant user outreach. Map your user-journey using intelligent user specifics and engage them at their optimal moments.

Trigger personalized messages based on user behavioral events, preferences, or any other data point. Reach the right customer at the right time and channel.

Powerful Automation Made Easy

Build 1-to-1 journeys at scale and automate the communication delivered to your customers across channels. However complex the user's journey is, automate it in minutes and drive maximum impact. Optimize the cross-channel messaging and understand the contribution of each channel on the campaign's performance, all within a single interface.

Intelligent Tracking

Receive highly actionable insights by measuring a variety of metrics such as conversion rates, repeat orders, etc. to drive traction.
Measure everything right from CTRs, timing, channels, conversions, and more. Monitor performances and use predictive intelligence to further optimize your campaigns and drive real results

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